Spring Bugs

Yesterday was very pleasant, so I got out the Sigma macro lens and the “ring flash” and started looking for bugs. The first thing I found was a small spider on some big rosemary plants. He seemed to be repairing a web.

As usual I have no idea what sort of spider that is. The bright orange mark is what caught my eye. I think I’m going to send the photo in to What’s That Bug to see if they know. (Well now I know: it’s a Leucauge venusta, an “orchard spider”. This morning the web is looking very nice and neat.)

The Monarch Butterfly thing this year is weird. They’ve been all over the place, and in particular they found the newly-emerging milkweed in our back yard.

This one is getting started on a whole new milkweed plant, since he and his friends ate the leaves completely off the other plant. They and the black swallowtails are pigs.

Green beetle in a rose:

Bee on some marjoram:

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