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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

There’s a pear tree in our neighbor’s yard, right up against our fence. The thing bears a lot of fruit (specifically, it bears pears). Formerly – that is, prior to this year – we had generally considered the tree to be pretty useless in the fruit department because the pears generally tasted like nothing – just crunchy water.

My brother-in-law told us that if you store pears that taste like nothing in the refrigerator for a while, they get better. We tried that with a few of the 500 pears hanging over our fence, and it turns out that he was right. They’re much better after the refrigeration; in fact they’re very sweet.

I’m a little concerned that consuming the pears – these particular pears – may put me or my household under a curse, as the tree was planted by the former resident of that house, a man who met with a sudden self-inflicted end. Perhaps, however, the tree doesn’t care.

I’ve been told I’ve been lax in updating this all-important blog, a charge I can hardly deny. The note above is seriously the most interesting thing I’ve thought of lately. However I’ve just remembered that I have a jar of “Bruiseised Chili Garlic Sauce”, or something like that, and I should review it.