Big Bugs

Actually just the pictures are big.

These were taken with the Sigma 105 and a home-made “ring flash.” The flash consists of an Amazon book box with the flaps cut off. Through the back (well, the bottom of the box), two holes were cut so that the flash “windows” of two Quantaray cheap-o slave flash units can poke through. The flash units were strap clamped to the box. There’s a round hole in the middle of the box that just fits over the end of the lens (actually it’s over the UV filter). The lens hood holds it in place, sort-of. Then there’s a piece of thin cotton fabric duct-taped over the front (top) of the box, and through a hole in the middle of it pokes the lens hood. Maybe I should take a picture of it.

I don’t know what either of those two things are, exactly. I’ve seen that species of dragonfly a couple of times however, and I have another good picture I got with the Olympus 50mm lens.

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