wasp photo

I hooked up my homemade “ring flash” Amazon box the other day and took some pictures of emerging flowers. I wasn’t happy with any of them in the on-camera preview, but I finally got around to uploading them. This wasp one looked terribly blurred and over-exposed on the LCD, but it looks fine to me now.

The pear blossoms in which this wasp was cavorting have since dropped off the tree; it only takes a couple days. It’s not our tree; it’s in the neighbor’s yard. It produces a tremendous number of pears. They don’t taste like anything at all when they’re ripe off the tree (July), but my brother-in-law told us to put them in the refrigerator for a couple weeks. After such treatment the pears get a lot sweeter.

This wasp was a little thing; the blossoms are at most an inch across when they’re open.

I got an OK picture of a mutabilis rose blossom too. The background is black because the ring flash doesn’t cast enough light to expose stuff not really close to the lens.

rose photo

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